About We-Coupling

Both in Eastern and Western fictional worlds,  there are many plotlines concerning embodiment being shared or transferred between characters. This takes three main, often overlapping forms: either a character inhabits the body of another person; a character feels like they are inhabiting the body of another; and/or a character is able to directly control another person’s body.

However this TEI studio is not about fiction!   Instead we are concerned with approaches to  achieve intense interpersonal  understandings and capabilities that studio participants can directly experience, critique and play with during the event.

We tentatively suggest “we-coupling” as an umbrella term for bringing together a diversity of experimentation concerned with shared first person experiences, whether  transferring / controlling sensations and/or actions between two or more people.

Here are some videos that show examples of approaches that might be labelled “we-coupling”, but please note – we are very open to hearing about and trying different media and sensory channels – whatever their level of technical sophistication.

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But “we-coupling” could also be something quite different to any of these examples. So do come and surprise us – or be surprised!