Robb Mitchell

Robb is assistant professor, social interaction design at University of Southern Denmark, Kolding. His research is concerned with playful facilitation, collaborative movement based games, and social icebreaking interventions.   He is a graduate of Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art and  ITPD.  Robb has led hands- on workshops at TEI, DRS, Participatory Innovation, and Service Design conferences. In addition, he has organised many art and technology gatherings for New Media Scotland, and had founding roles in several making oriented interdisciplinary collectives including The Electron Club, and The Chateau, Glasgow.

Jun Nishida

Jun Nishida is a PhD student in Human Informatics and member of the Center for Cybernics Research and the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at University of Tsukuba. Augmenting embodied and social experiences via wearable devices is the main topic of his research. Jun also investigates human-to-human interaction, empowered people, sensory presentation/sharing/ transformation/substitution/ blending, exoskeletons, electrical muscle stimulation, and virtual reality.

Shunichi Kasahara

Shunichi is an assistant researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. and is pursuing a PhD at The University of Tokyo. His research interests include technologies to enable sharing of first-person experiences in real-time, and exploring how people can augment ourselves through what he calls the “human-as-medium” phenomenon.

Enrique Encinas

Enrique is a PhD student and member of NorSC, the Social Computing Group at Northumbria University following an MSc IT Product Design at University of Southern Denmark.  Enrique’s research focuses on the region of the design spectrum where fiction is present. Previously he has worked as a telecommunications engineer, in commercial semi-conductor research in Taipei, and collaborated with artists in Media Lab Prado Madrid.